About Us

Medical Help Turkey is a medical tourism agency facilitator that helps patients to access high quality, affordable treatment in a globalised healthcare marketplace. Our wide network of healthcare consist of the best hospitals and medical specialists with a strong reputation for excellence, to provide international patients with the best possible care. Prices are 70% lower than Europe and many other countries and there are no waiting times for surgery. The company`s fully-inclusive pricing structure is transparent with no hidden extras. International patients are supported throughout their treatment journey by Medical Help Turkey`s experienced multilingual team that includes both English and Arabic native speakers. The company can find the best cost-to-quality ratio and develop a plan for every individual`s needs and budget.

Our team of professionals arrange the patient’s complete medical treatment and includes also pre-departure consultation and on-site service. Pre-departure consultation and on-site assistance are included in our services. Our predominant mision is to offer clear, easily understandable information about the services we provide for transparent pricing in order to give our clients a fair offer for consideration.