Hymen is a thin and fragile mucosal fold located 1-1.5 cm proximal to the vaginal introitus. Its function is not known. It may prevent the newborn from vaginal infections. Most cultures adopt it as a symbol of virginity. The hymen may be damaged in sexual intercourse as well as by masturbation, hand manipulations by the sexual partner, straddle trauma, physical examination, motor accidents or by the use of tampons.

Hymenoplasty or revirgination will repair the torn edges of the membrane so the hymen will rupture and bleed during the next penetration. Hymenoplasty in Turkey is done with sensitivity and all medical records are kept confidential.

Hymenoplasty Hospital Period

Hymenoplasty process usually takes 30 minutes. Hymenoplasty is always done as an outpatient procedure, meaning there is no overnight stay.

Hymenoplasty Recovery

Patients may have mild discomfort that can be treated with oral pain medication. Most patients return to work and light activity within 1-2 days. Vigorous exercises especially running and jogging, should be avoided for the first 4 weeks. Patients should not engage in sexual activity for at least 6 weeks after the procedure to allow proper healing.


It depends on the plastic surgeon and the hospital in Turkey. Estimated costs for hymenoplasty in Turkey vary between 1000-1300$